David Peak is the author of a novella, The River Through the Trees (Blood Bound Books), a collection of short stories, Glowing in the Dark (Aqueous Books), and a book of nonfiction, The Spectacle of the Void (Schism Press). Other writing has appeared or is forthcoming in places such as Serial Killing: A Philosophical Anthology (Schism Press), Flaunt Magazine, Denver Quarterly, Pank, and 3:AM. He lives in Chicago where he operates Blue Square Press.

An extensive list of publications can be viewed here.
My black metal horror novel, Corpsepaint, is now available from Word Horde.

It's received some early positive reviews from Ginger Nuts of Horror, LitReactor, Cvlt Nation, Hellnotes, and The Grim Reader.

And I was also interviewed by Gordon B. White for Hellnotes, which was really fun, so please check that out too.
My black metal horror novel, Corpsepaint, is available for preorder.
My interview with Jon Padgett, author of The Secret of Ventriloquism, is up at the Fanzine.
Nightscript Volume 3, which includes my story "House of Abjection," is now available in paperback and for Kindle.
This is really cool: Artist Ivan Petrokovich created a beautiful, handmade book titled Case Study that includes, among other things, quotes from The Spectacle of the Void.  Please check out this video that shows the book's contents.
I'm incredibly proud to announce that Word Horde will publish my black-metal horror novel, Corpsepaint, in early 2018. More details soon.
My story "House of Abjection" will be published in the third issue of Nightscript.
My story "Phantoms" is up at Juked.
My novelette Eyes in the Dust is now available in paperback and for Kindle.
Eyes in the Dust is now available as a limited-edition hardcover.
My novelette, Eyes in the Dust, will soon be published by Dunhams Manor Press.
My story, "Out of Step in the Kingdom of Our Lord," is up at the Collagist.
An excerpt from the novel I'm working on, Leviathan, is up at the Fanzine.
My review of Stephen King's The Bazaar of Bad Dreams is up at Electric Literature.
My poem, "The Event Still to Come," was published in Black Sun Lit.